Monday, 7 July 2008

~ Hello ~

Hello and welcome to my world.
This is my place to share some of my most favourite things in the world. Not just silk and roses, or velvet and lace. I love all things vintage, shabby and worn, there is nothing quite like the feel of fabric made soft from years of careful laundering, crisp linen table napkins, white embroidered pillow cases. I have bought masses over the years and when they finally become too worn for their original purpose they make great dusters!!!

I have always been creative, using whatever I happen to have in my boxes of delights.
Now, more than ever, with so much demand being placed on the earths dwindling resources I feel that finally, the way of life I have always adhered to is coming into its own. Thrift needn't be second best, in fact in my opinion, older things, no matter what they may be, can be of far superior quality than some of the stuff on offer today.

I haven't jumped on any trendy bandwagon either. I was buying vintage clothes, jewellery and things for my home more years ago than I care to remember.
I have been able to knit and sew from childhood and love anything hand crafted.
There is so much that is beautiful just waiting to be discovered and put to delightful use.

I collect vintage costume jewellery and particularly love pearl necklaces. The kind with huge gobstopper diamante clasps. I can never pass a charity shop without a quick mooch around. Who knows what treasures lie within?

I also have the time these days to visit the monthly auction which is held locally. Those boxes of odds and ends reveal no end of useful 'niceties'.

All it takes is imagination,time and effort to create something unique, but the rewards are so worthwhile.

Thank you for taking an interest and I look forward to many happy hours both creating and sharing with you.
Until next time,