Saturday, 16 February 2008

New Flowers and Old Flowers

Old Flowers.............delightful.

Much as I adore old flowers, today I needed fresh, new flowers. The sun is dazzling but it is very cold and there is still frost on the ground in places. However I ventured out into the garden determined to find a few blooms to photograph.
This Primrose still wears beads of melted frost and although the petals look somewhat raggedy I think it is so pretty.
I love this colour.
A beautiful Hellebore......
and one waiting to open.
Dainty snowdrops never fail to please.
Primroses are such cheerful little flowers.
A furry Magnolia bud.
Pure sunshine on a branch. Mmm, can't see any more pretties so I think I will go back indoors now.
Here are some more lovely old flowers, the fabric faded over time.
I love the crumpled disarray of these flowers.
I hope you enjoy your weekend whether you are searching for flowers or dreams.
Bye for now,
Sandi x