Sunday, 29 June 2008

A just messing around kind of day

A jug full of nonsense but I like my stuff ~ the more the merrier. It was raining this morning, such is our summer weather, so I needed something to occupy me until I went out to a village flower festival.

So I gave Miffy a new tiara and she wondered if her ears looked big in it. I said nooooo, your ears are just perfect.

The dolls are all dressed up and ready for an outing too ~ hope they have their umbrellas waiting by the door.
After a very, very showery afternoon which I spent wandering around a village looking at glorious flowers I came back home and of course, the sun came out!!! So off I went into my own garden to admire the Evening Primroses and the huge Foxgloves.
My beautiful Mr Dante loves this part of the garden. He likes to chew grass and disappear into the undergrowth. Watch out, sweet boy, the bees love the flowers too, mind you don't get stung on the nose
Until next time,
Sandi x