Monday, 24 November 2008


Such a lovely word isn't it - J O Y - a vivid emotion of pleasure.

Making up little stories gives me great joy and I would like to share this one with you.
Ivy and Pearl needed to dry all the dolls clothes but it was raining so Ted came up with a rather good idea (or so he thought, the girls weren't quite so sure). Why not hang everything off the candelabra?
Hmmmm, it was rather tricky reaching the candles to sling the line between them so this is where I came in useful.
The dolls managed the rest by themselves. Ted wasn't much help here, being rather challenged in the height department. Ahem, he doesn't like to talk about it so I won't dwell on this particular subject.
Ivy felt that she had done more than her fair share of pegging out.
Pearl on the other hand secretly thought that hers looked much neater hanging from the leaves and roses in such an attractive way.
Personally, I can't see any difference whatsoever!
What do you think dear reader?
Until next time,
Joy to you,
Sandi ;0)