Friday, 19 December 2008

Dolls House Christmas

A candy cane garland strung over the fireplace. A log fire crackles in the grate and everything feels cosy.

Someone is sleeping gently.....ssshhhhh.
The stocking has been hung from the bed.
Christmas goodies on the kitchen table.
Presents in the hallway - I wonder what's in that bulging sack?
The upstairs landing where the larger toys are kept.
A picture of the family dog.
I think that this sign was found in a junk shop - it now takes pride of place in the bedroom.
A tiny fairy doll rests on the babys cradle.
Christmas wreath hung on the outside wall.
The bathroom vanity looks festive all year round.
Hmm - that's a very large bottle of bubble bath.
I don't like the way that Ginger is eyeing up the fish!
That's all for now from 'The Chimneys'.
Bye from me,
Sandi :)