Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In the garden..........

Purely recreational today taking some pics of pretty flowers.
This little cutie has been in the loft for years and I found her again yesterday whilst looking for something else (which I didn't find - typical).

Anyway I have discovered that it doesn't do to be too precious about the flowers when you share the garden with a fur baby. Huge paws rampage here and there without a care in the world.
I love the colour of these.
The cheer that these bring without fail each Spring.
Magnolia flowers and damson blossom.
Plus someone in the background inspecting the condition of the soil.
Mmmmm is it warm enough to plant out yet?
I don't think so.
Sweet and tiny Forget-me-not flowers.
These spread each year.

Hmmmm.........what have we here.
Ah yes, Columbine leaves sprouting through the undergrowth.
Thank goodness for flowers and a garden and a fur baby to keep me in check ;))