Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Hazel catkins gathered on Saturday during a pleasant walk with Dante. The weather was delightful, the sun shining and everything looking so new and fresh. The common name for these is Lambs Tails and it is easy to see why. Cutie cute, dangling from the hazel trees, waggling in the breeze. The spears of bluebells are emerging in the woods where we walk and we have masses in our garden too. Once established they spread and spread and make a lovely sight. To smell them in the enclosed dark space of the woodland is to be transported back to childhood. Such a nostalgic scent. Once picked of course they rapidly become a sorry sight, wilted and spoiled so it's best to enjoy them where they grow.

Speaking of nostalgia I recently found this photo of myself in a box in the loft. I took it out of the frame in order to make a copy for my daughter. I was around 24 years old here. Don't you just love the sweet frame with the teeny dolls pinned to the top.
I am determined to go through all our photo's this year and make some scrapbooks. When I last visited my mum and dad we also found her huge stash of family pics too and I want to get some of those copied. She has some really old family photo's of people long since past and I find them fascinating to look at.
It is really late now and I need to get some sleep so until next time.
Bye for now,
Sandi x