Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Afternoon Walk

It's Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining and there's a gentle breeze. Grab the camera, Mr Dante's collar and lead and let's go for a walk.

Up the lane and into the field through the kissing gate. Turn left and descend down the gently sloping grassy pathway. Spy a clump of Buttercups and do the butter test. You know the one, hold a Buttercup flower under your chin and if it reflects yellow then of course you like butter.
Did you ever play that as child?
Zoe loves butter and so do I.....
Turn right out of the field at the bottom and follow the pathway through the woods.
Smell those Bluebells......mmmmmm.....delightful.
Wandering along the gently meandering path, softly carpeted with year upon year of fallen leaves turned into the softest mulch underfoot.
Listen to the birds singing overhead.
Notice how a shaft of sunlight creates a dazzling contrast to the darkness of the shadows...
Coming out of the shade into the light again.
Lichens adorn fallen trees creating soft carpets for insects and small animals.
Oh, the delicious scents which absorb an acute canine nose.
Paths going off here and there from the main walkway.
Underground dens excavated by unseen creatures.
Emerging once again onto the main path.
Traversing the upward slope on the far side of the field. Huge clumps of Buttercups are everywhere, dazzling the eye and oh the memories evoked - of childhood summers, long school holidays spent with cousins who lived in a country village.
A stunning butterfly flutters among the trees and I try so hard to capture a photo but alas the ethereal beauty eludes me. Small with dazzling white wings and the edges of the wings are the brightest orange that I have seen. Almost like a fine paintbrush has been applied with the lightest touch......
Sitting on the wooden bench at the top corner of the field, catching our breath and just enjoying being in such a peaceful spot. Look at the sea of Dandelion clocks. We feel rested now so on with the walk.
The pink blossom on this young tree deserves closer inspection. All the other trees wear white blossom.
How pretty....Hawthorn flowers.
Masses of delicate blooms smothering the branches and look how green the young leaves are.
These are the darling buds of may.

We leave the field and woods behind, clip on Mr Dante's lead and wander back down the lane.
A little further on and to the right my eye is caught by a field full of young cows quietly grazing.
We stop to look, they catch sight of us too and we approach each other from opposite sides of the fence.
Soon the whole herd are lined up next to each other.... one by one in a nice, calm orderly fashion. We size each other up and I exclaim over the beauty of their eyes. Huge brown eyes, so gentle and curious.

Every head now turned towards Mr Dante who is politely well behaved in front of all this bovine scrutiny.

We smile and linger a while longer.
Ahhhhhh I think it's time to move on. We are tired and thirsty.
Bye bye sweet creatures.

We hope that we provided you with a little diversion from your usual routines and you posed beautifully for the camera.... thanks so much.
In the kerbside hedgerow as we continue the homeward journey.
Beautiful flowers growing with wild abandon.
Here we are back home.....look at the Lilac tree, dazzlingly white and perfuming the air with delicious scent.
Time to put the kettle on and make a pot of tea.
Fill Mr Dante's bowl with plenty of cool fresh water.
I hope you enjoyed your walk with us.
We feel refreshed in body and spirit.
Until next time,
Bye for now,
Sandi, Zoe and Mr Dante x