Thursday, 20 August 2009

Giving Thanks

The Summer fairy is busily checking the garden for signs of Autumn and there are plenty to be found.

Although today has been delightfully sunny with a warm and gentle breeze, the mood in the garden has changed. I feel that there is something different, a final flourish of flowers and lots of berries and fruit on the trees. The sun's light is more subdued, setting earlier now and darkness falling sooner but how I love these late summer days.
My little damson tree has flourished and is laden down with beautiful fruit, the colour overlaid with a pale bloom.
I draped the branches with pretty things in thanks for such a harvest.
Why restrict our tree decorating to the Winter Solstice or Christmas and unlike a chopped-down fir, this tree will live to see many more seasons.
I want to make some damson gin and imagine the colour will look like the most precious of jewels when it is ready to enjoy.
Nature is so generous with her gifts.
My beautiful boy sits beneath the branches, the dappled sunshine lighting up his face. He loves to be in the garden with me and is never far from my side.
Until next time,
Sandi x