Thursday, 16 September 2010


I went to an enchanted woodland yesterday and spied all manner of strange fungi. Everywhere I wandered there were ever more weird and wonderful mushrooms and toadstools. I began to think I had wandered into the realm of faery and would not have been a bit surprised to see a sprite peeping out from beneath the canopy of greenery. I didn't see another living soul yet felt I was being led along paths that would show me more and more of these mysterious wonders of nature. I have read that most fungi are not deadly poisonous to us contrary to folklore yet I would never risk touching, let alone sampling anything I saw.   If it is food for unknown creatures (and I did see some nibbled specimens) then they are welcome to it.  I love how with every new day  there is always something to see and marvel over and Mr Dante loves to run around chasing his own imaginary friends whilst I am busily taking pics. Or maybe he sees more than I and he is chasing the faery folk after all:)