Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Addicted to Vintage.

Why do I do It? This is the question I ask myself each time I buy more 'Stuff'. This is the back of my head, slaving over the kitchen sink (or rather stacking the dishwasher) with some of this..............

.......and this.
Which requires washing or dusting on a regular basis.
So that it looks pretty.........
.......displayed on the dresser.
Why then do I never learn and go off to the monthly auction which is held just up the road and buy yet more 'stuff ' which will need to be dusted and washed on a regular basis?
The reason is simple. I love pretty china and glass. Just CANNOT resist it.
The infinite variety. I have to rescue it and give it a home.
Oooh, the flowers. I know all you lovers of vintage will understand EXACTLY what I mean.
The colours. Divine!!!!
The 'daintiness' of cups, so redolent of afternoon tea, sipped from porcelain so thin that daylight can be seen through it. Such a genteel pastime. Partaking of dinky little sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, sweet fairy cakes. Mmm........delightful.
Not many people at the auction are interested in these boxes of assorted odds and ends. Not the dealers, they want matching sets. The auctioneer almost pleads, come on will no one offer me £1.00?
I got most of my cups and saucers in this way. None matches, but I don't care. It all seems to look right together anyway. Some of it is cracked and crazed but it only adds to the charm.
This childs teapot was minus the lid but it's sooo sweet I had to keep it.
These look good grouped together. I don't go to every auction otherwise the house would be full to the rafters.
But I do like rummaging through these pot luck boxes when my husband heaves them into the house. He has got used to my exclamations of pleasure at yet more 'treasures' unearthed, but I think it's just like Christmas morning all over again.
He is very long suffering, as I think all partners of vintage chicks are. Let's face it though, they really have no choice!!!!!
Ah well, the final batch of purchases has been loaded into my overworked dishwasher. The only thing left to do is find more shelf space. Oh dear, I think I need some more shelves. Ahem, I must go and make a pot of tea and ponder on the situation.
Bye for now.
Sandi x