Thursday, 27 March 2008

A Thank You and a Meme

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to a lovely blogger friend Kitty.

She has honoured me with five awards recently and I have saved them all for this post. The first two awards are for fellow bloggers who make your day in one way or another.
This one is in recognition of the fact that our blogging friends have a huge impact on our lives.
This is for crafting bloggers who provide so much inspiration to others.
Finally, this is for bloggers who write about their much loved pets.
To anyone who visits this blog AND leaves a comment then I pass the first three awards on to you with pleasure and gratitude. If you blog about your crafts and/or your pets then consider yourself awarded the final two.
Now onto a recent meme passed on to me by Ellen.
All about Four.
Four jobs I have had in my life.

1) Mmm, very first job, aged sixteen years. Trainee florist. I naively imagined it was going to be a gentle, creative job. How WRONG can a girl be. Very hard work and as a trainee lots and lots and I mean lots of cleaning. I didn't mind hard work but felt like I wasn't handling many flowers other than clearing out the stinking vases when the blooms were past their best. Stuck it out for six months then left.

2) Insurance clerk. I loved this job and only left after getting married and needing to work at a different place to my husband (which is where we met). It was during this five years that I learned an awful lot about human nature. Trust me, whilst dealing with recently bereaved clients who usually arrived straight from the Registry of Deaths clutching death certificates and insurance polices, I learned that there were good, bad and downright ugly natured people. Somehow the promise of possible riches to be made from someone's death brought out a very nasty streak in certain people. I witnessed two sisters almost coming to blows over the disputed ownership of their poor deceased relatives insurance polices. My diplomacy skills were honed during this period and have never left me.

3) Ledger clerk for Royal Doulton, the large pottery manufacturer. Very,very boring and repetitive work but the pay was reasonable. Left there when the company moved premises to the other side of the city. It was too far to travel by public transport so the hunt was on for another job.

4) Accounts clerk for a large department store. I lasted six weeks before finally quitting this one. I LOATHED the aged spinster who ran the office with a rod of iron. I have to say the feeling was probably mutual. I went back into insurance after this and have since had various jobs.
You may notice a pattern of clerical jobs during my working career. Strange really, because my first love has always been creativity.

Four shows I DVR/VCR.
I don't record anything at all now but in the past have recorded:-

1) The darling buds of may, but I now own the complete series on DVD.
2) Jonathon Creek - love it.
3) Midsommer Murders.
4) Nigella Bites, but again I own this on DVD.

Four places I have been.
Let me start off by saying that I have never been out of the UK.

1) All around Wales - I love the infinite variety of landscape in this beautiful Principality. The history, coastline, castles, rolling hills, wildlife. I could go on waxing lyrical, suffice to say I have visited lots of times. As I live very near to the Welsh border it is possible to go just for the day.

2) Derbyshire, a ruggedly beautiful county. The Peak District National Park, miles of unspoilt countryside to explore.

3) London, the capital city. So much to see and do, so little time. I confess it has been a long time since I went but one of the most memorable sights for me was to go and look at the Crown Jewels. So fabulous they seemed almost unreal. If you wanted to get a really close look at them you were not allowed to stand still, but had to keep on moving! To see all the landmarks that I had only ever watched on the tv was interesting, but the volume and speed of the traffic was daunting to say the least.

4) Warwickshire. My favourite Aunt, Uncle and cousins lived in various parts of this county over the years. My uncle was a Policeman and his job entailed regular moves. The place where they finally settled was a very pretty village and the times I spent there as a child were magical. Many a school holiday was enjoyed with my cousins and I cherish the memories of those times.

Four favourite foods.
1) Curry.
2) Pasta.
3) Roast chicken.
4) Steak in red wine sauce.

Phew.............Now you know what a quiet life I have lead and long may it continue to be so!!!!!!!. I have never been nor wanted to be a globe trotter, the thought of flying terrifies me anyway. I grew up in a city but always felt that I was a country girl at heart. I blame this on the fact that my parents were left a little 'shack' in the most beautiful spot imaginable. I call it a shack although to my dad's aunt it was home. Very rustic, extremely basic but it was heaven to me. Set in a field with just three more similar dwellings, all nestled into the sloping field where cows quietly grazed. I have to admit that those cows scared me though. The view was stunning, the door didn't need to be locked at night and the silence was wonderful. I was at that time an only child, happy in my own company and loved nothing better than to sit on my swing in the garden and stare up into the branches of a huge tree, daydreaming. By the time my sister came along I was ten years old and sadly the shack was no more. I often think how fortunate that I was able to enjoy the times spent there but sis never had that experience. It instilled in me a deep love for peace, quiet and solitude.

Now I am meant to pass this meme on to four more people. I know that they are not everyone's cup of tea so all I will say is if you wish to partake, feel free to do so.
One final thing I want to say whilst I am on a roll. Thank you to all of you lovely people who take the time to visit my blog. I am always so thrilled when I receive comments. It amazes me that anyone is interested in my life. I do this for my own pleasure really, I enjoy it so much and couldn't imagine life without blogging now. So thank you and I wish you goodnight.
Sweet Dreams.
Until next time,
Sandi x