Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mostly Black and White

Oh, what a glorious day it has been. The sun shone brightly, it was fresh and breezy and so beautiful. Time to go out and about!

So my daughter and I went out and I took some pictures of pretty old buildings steeped in history. These are all in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.
I love old architecture and am always amazed that something built hundreds of years ago still remains. The black and white building is the Guildhall which dates from the 16th Century. The lower half is still used for weekly markets.
I love the contrast of this rusty old planter and the pale blue window.
Gorgeous!!!!! and look at the bright blue sky.
More bright and cheerful colour.
Beautiful leaded windows in the Guildhall. The Town Council hold their meetings on the upper floor.
The back of the Guildhall - you can walk all the way around it.
Beautifully mellow stonework of The Holy Trinity Church.
A cobbled pavement outside a row of picturesque cottages.
Sunny daffodils in an old stone trough.
Growing out of a wall- isn't nature wonderful.
A very pretty building for a Bank.
Mmm, that was a pleasant walk around but now it's time to move on. Only a few miles away................. To Ironbridge and this is the iron bridge. Magnificent. A very large bear standing guard outside the Merrythought teddy bear shop and museum.
More signs of spring on the banks of the River Severn.
I felt much better after a walk around these beautiful places which I am fortunate enough to have so close to home. I managed to find an antique shop and made a few small purchases so went home well content with my day.
Hope you all had a good weekend whatever you chose to do.
By for now,
Sandi x