Sunday, 24 August 2008

~ Old Things ~

I bought this huge hatpin many years ago from an antiques market. I have several more but I try not to collect too many of one thing. I think an open mind is essential when you go on the hunt for old bits and pieces.
The thrill for me is finding something that I am immediately drawn to - it's an instinct born from years of practice trawling through lots and lots of tat.
If something is out of my price range or I hesitate and then later wish I had bought it, I have learned to be philosophical. I used to fret over 'lost treasures' but I believe that everything comes to those who wait. I have found this to be true time and time again over the years.I love the clasp on these old costume pearls and I do have quite a few of these. If all of these lovely things could tell us stories, of who wore them and where, wouldn't that be fascinating. My mum wore pearls on her wedding day and I wore a large silver locket on mine. Memories are treasures too.
Until next time.
Sandi x