Friday, 9 January 2009

Domestic Details

It's the little things that interest me about interiors, those human touches that show signs of real living as opposed to magazine shots of impossibly perfect homes.

I used to buy lots of interior magazines but now find them not only too expensive but very,very samey. More and more often too it's impossible to flick through before purchase due to the cellophane covering.
Instead I get my 'fix' by enjoying blogs and especially Flickr where there is so much eye candy to enjoy. Much less expensive too.
Here I find lots and lots of gorgeous shots of everything imaginable, including the kitchen sink (and there are some vintage beauties out there).
I love the perfection of imperfection. The signs of real living by real people.
The things that have no monetary value but are priceless to the owner.

Not artfully arranged or styled but nevertheless precious and with a whimsical beauty all their own.

It is not only possible but increasingly and urgently neccessary to consume less, care for our precious Mother Earth and find peace of mind too in the simple things, the less than perfect things and the beautiful world around us. Appreciate that which we already have.
I enjoy the things with which I choose to surround myself, make do, mend and revamp where - ever possible and I strongly believe the old proverb that 'Neccessity is the mother of invention'.
Yes, I love my real, comfortable, imperfect home. The scuffed paintwork, the old bakelite door knobs which I would never dream of changing, my chipped enamel kitchen colander in almost daily use.
Most of the things in these pics have been around for years, have been made by me or bought second-hand. The tablecloth in my kitchen is two halves of two different pairs of patchwork curtains that I made years ago.
The lavender bags are ones that I made with bits of lace, the bears clothes are paper, the dolls were bought 'naked' from a market stall. The tea and marshmallow - my teatime treat ;0))
I launched into my own Earth Mother role when my daughter was born almost twenty six years ago and although I am relieved that maybe, just maybe the leaders of the world may come to their environmental senses before it is too late, I feel proud that for me, eco - nomy / eco - living has for so long been the natural and only way of life. I am fortunate that I am naturally quite creative but I think we all have skills and talents just waiting to be discovered.
Thriftiness doesn't mean doing without or living in a minimalistic way (unless of course that is what appeals to you). I have beautiful things, glamour, glitz and sparkle in my life and although I am not rich I am satisfied.
When discontentment does strike, not too often thankfully, I take myself into my little craft room and maybe just sit awhile, sew something or make a scrapbook page until the feeling
I know that for so many out there in blogland and Flickr they too feel the same way. Thank goodness for the common sense of caring and decent people, the incredible creativity, inventivness and willingness to share ideas.
I feel hopeful for the future.
Until next time,
Bye for now,
Sandi x