Friday, 2 January 2009

Reflection ~

A little while ago my daughter paid me the sweetest compliment.
She told me that I make everything magical for my family, not just at Christmas but throughout the year.
I thought a lot about what she had said and the real meaning of magic became clear to me.
It isn't the waving of a wand as in all the best fairytales, much as I love a good story. Nor is it the weaving of spells, the burning of candles, the pointed hats, swirling cloaks, stripey socks (and I can assure you that I have done all of this and I own a gorgeous velvet cloak and several wands).
But the Craft I have been practising for as long as I can remember is the one of creativity. The fact that what I enjoy doing gives me as much pleasure as the recipient of my efforts is a delightful bonus.
I do admit that the simplest things please me, things which may seem trivial or inconsequential to others. A tattered little bear and an egg made of plastic which has seen much better days bought from an antiques centre last week for the total sum of £1.00. I am fortunate enough to have inherited the mooching gene from my dad. Rummaging through boxes of stuff for a hidden gem or two, zooming in on the often overlooked things. Since I entered the world of blogging and Flickr I have realised that there are many, many people out there that share the same interests as myself. That understand and 'get' what I do - that take the time to visit, leave appreciative comments and maybe leave with a smile.

I tend not to make new year resolutions but inevitably I do reflect on the year just past and 2008 for me has been a year of great change.
Last January, I walked out on a job which I had held for over nine years and although I miss the money I have never felt more content in my life.
I have my own little craft room which my husband decorated for me and I love spending time in there. My sweet dog usually manages to squeeze himself into the tiniest space behind my chair when I am busy, keeping me company. Ah, such bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not meant to be a self - congratulatory post but one of thankfulness.
I like to think that my path has been to 'Add sparkle to a simple life'.
I look forward to the coming year and the challenges that I know are ahead but at this moment in time I feel rich beyond my wildest dreams.
Until next time,
Take care and please visit again.
Sandi x