Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bohemia meets Marie Antoinette

As I was decorating these fairy cakes for tea the pink frilly buttercream reminded me of ball gowns........ but the setting in The Enchanted Garden is distinctly bohemian.So Marie Antoinette style fairy cakes meet Bohemia.....

These cakes are delicious. The buttercream icing is delicately scented with rose water.
Mmmmm......would you like one - please help yourself.
Don't mind Mr Dante - wherever I go you will find him somewhere around.
Slightly larger than a pug dog but such a gentle boy.
It's a peaceful place to be. The birds are singing and the bees just adore the flowers, dipping in and out enjoying themselves hugely.
The tiny alpine strawberries taste divine...have you ever tried them?
We have them everywhere in the enchanted garden.
Of course fairy cakes need to be served on the prettiest vintage china.
The candelabra has been fashioned from a branch of vintage blackberries and the tiny candles are from a birthday cake.
Lashings of glitter adds magical sparkle.
Now please just enjoy yourself. We all deserve a little treat now and then and if you sit very still who knows ~ you may even spot a fairy.
They love the strawberries so I make sure to leave plenty for them to pick.
Oh and the table cloth is a vintage sari - isn't it lovely!

I love long, lazy summer evenings.
I really must go now and pop the kettle on for a refreshing cup of tea .... Assam of course.
Until next time,
Sandi x