Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday afternoon ~

A Sunday afternoon and it's raining........a lot. I have a love-hate relationship with Sundays and I'm certain that lots more people do too. I grew up in the era when Sundays meant that everywhere (and I mean everywhere except for Church) was closed. Added to that was the gloomy knowledge that a bath was followed by early bedtime to be up for school on Monday morning. However, as a child growing up in the late 50's/early 60's we enjoyed far more freedom than children do today and we had very little money anyway so maybe it was as well that there was nowhere and nothing to spend it on.
Moving into adulthood the scenario remained the same but the Monday morning location became the workplace. Following a week at work and then payday, shopping was done on a Saturday. That was the way of life then.
These days of course things are so different in our 24/7 whirl of trying to get the most out of every waking moment. Great if you want to shop 'til you drop but I don't. Anyway, at least the option is there and if it is raining you don't get wet in a shopping mall. I do feel for the people who have to work in these places though, and their families. Although perhaps they prefer working rather than being stuck in the house bored to tears. Hmmm...another dilemma.
I'm not sure which kind of Sunday I love/hate the most, so maybe a compromise of some sort would suit me. Anyway, what to do on a wet, dark Sunday afternoon? I confess I don't like watching television very much at all and when it's raining and I feel trapped indoors I get very restless.
My husband had his eyes glued on Formula One racing earlier and after enduring the sound of engines buzzing like angry bees around a never ending track for an hour I almost lost the will to live.
I survived the experience by assembling some knitted fairy cakes, went to the kitchen, prepared a meal for later and then grabbed my camera. I always feel better after taking a few snaps even if they are indoor ones.
The little space age super hero fairy in the pic's is one that I dressed earlier in the week. She is one of those dolls bought from a market stall and had very bad hair so I gave her a mohican cut. It was my daughter who said she reminded her of a super hero and my husband gave her the space age tag.
Anyway, since meeting the other two cuties they have become new best friends and inseperable.
They are dealing with Sunday afternoon by just chillin'.
Maybe I should do the same.
Maybe I need to just 'be'.
I'm off to put the kettle on - a cup of tea always cheers me up.
Bye for now,
Until next time,
Sandi x