Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Enchanted Garden (Tea Party)

At the Enchanted Garden tea parties are a favourite pastime ~
A chance for the toys to gather together, dress up, play and generally catch up with the gossip.
The weather has been very kind here recently with the sun beaming down from cloud free skies:)
Oooo the toys really enjoy themselves; tucking into fresh, sweet alpine strawberries.
Drinking tea and lemonade.........
If it all gets a bit too much they can always have a lie down just like big cat has done!
The mice usually end up climbing onto the tea cups for a better view of the proceedings...
These two look truly wonderful in their exotic outfits.
Oh the fun they are having.
Everyone's mingling which is always a good sign of a successful party.
Do you like the baby's outfit - I made it especially for the occasion?
Miss Fleur looks divine in her tiara and pearls.
So many tiny dishes and cups.....
Yum - I think I must go and pick some raspberries now.....
A cup of pearls makes a refreshing change from a cup of tea don't you think?
Tiny bunny stands politely gazing at the dainty dishes set before her.
I placed some jewels on the table for the guests to play with too.
Ahhhhh I think all in all it's been a lovely party.
Until next time
Bye for now from Nostalgia Fairy Cottage and The Enchanted Garden.