Sunday, 20 June 2010


I think a pampered cats life seems very pleasant.  Today has been another stunningly beautiful day.  Perfect blue sky, just the right amount of gentle breeze and the furbies have just chilled. Ok I admit that Clarence earned his keep today by dispatching a baby rat but lost brownie points by bringing it into the house.  After carefully removing the corpse I resumed my cleaning activities only to find that Flossie had brought it back into the kitchen and was lovingly 'playing' with it in the corner. Yuck. That was it, enough is enough and this time it went into the bin shrouded in a plastic bag and the kitchen floor had a thorough scrub. Anyway, back to envying the cats their relaxed routine, I spent the day cleaning, they spent theirs sleeping.....and eating......and sleeping again.  In fact every day is much the same for them.
Ah well, at least the kitchen floor is sparkling clean:))