Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A pleasant walk

Let's go for a walk.......first of all around the garden to see what's new......

Very pretty and lots of buds ready to burst into flower but as it's such a lovely day I think I would like to go a little further afield so if you would like to join me you are very welcome. Do you  have your walking shoes on? Good, now let's go into town.  It's around a mile downhill before we reach the town centre. I will show you just one or two little areas today as there is quite a lot to see. I live in a place called Bridgnorth in Shropshire, England, a very ancient town steeped in history and divided into two parts by the River Severn.  There is High Town and that's where I live and Low Town and it is very pretty indeed but oh those steep paths and steps are a real challenge so we have a funicular railway http://www.bridgnorthcliffrailway.co.uk/  to ease the burden of going between the two!!!!! I shall say no more now and hope that you enjoy your mini tour.
There we are, that didn't take too long!! Bye for now:)xx