Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stormy weather

We badly needed some rain and the storms have been brief but spectacular - torrents of water flowing and gurgling into the gutters.  The garden has been looking decidedly dry, dusty and unlovely although the Day Lilies are making a brave show this year.  The weather has always affected my mood and sunshine energises me.  I have been doing lots of long neglected cleaning tasks recently and everywhere feels much fresher for it too.
The little round decoupaged table has been a recent project and I have been painting on layers of varnish over the last few days.  It still needs more and then a very light sanding just to smooth it off.  One or two final coats and I shall feel happy with it.  It used to be a play table for my children and there are two teeny chairs up in the loft which will come in useful for any future grandchildren, but meanwhile I shall continue to use the table.
My daughter is flying off to Scotland shortly for a 'hen weekend' and needed a tutu so I raided my large stash of tulle and made one for her.  There are three layers and I have glued the irridescent stars to two layers for some added sparkle.  She is pleased with it and it didn't cost a penny either. I shall add a black ribbon around the waist just to make it look a little neater and add a finishing touch.  I love quick and easy projects:)