Thursday, 28 June 2007

Charity shop bargains

I thought I would share this with you.
I love the little picture with the message
on it which I found in the local Oxfam
shop for 50p. The green candle holder
was another recent charity shop purchase,
it cost all of £2.50, another bargain.
I just swooped on it as soon as I spotted it.
I don't know about you fellow thrifters
but I always get a real buzz when I see
something that appeals to my particular
taste. I'm sure I buy the stuff that no one else
gives a second glance. Ah well, all the more
lovely things for me to buy. The pink tray
was plain brown until quite recently, so I gave it
"The Treatment". Paint, sandpaper and a coat
or three of glitter, naturally. The sweet little candles
have been around for years and are far too pretty to
light, they even have little diamantes set into them,
another of my favourite things. I am now going to
enjoy a lovely glass of G&T with ice and a slice.