Friday, 22 June 2007

More rearranged pretties

This is a collection of things in my bedroom which I really love
and wanted to share with you.
The jug holds hat pins. The large square
one was a Christmas present from my husband. It is Victorian
and is really pretty. I'm sure if I went out wearing that in a hat
I would be arrested for carrying an offensive weapon. Lol. That
pin is seriously sharp.

This is a small collection of powder puffs.. The orange one
is quite old and I bought it in the original box which says
Good Luck on the lid. It was wrapped in a silk handkerchief
and it makes me wonder if it was a gift to a bride. I like to think
so - very romantic.

The rather beautiful dressing table top rarely sees the light
of day, it is usually hidden beneath all my "stuff". The
wire shelf sitting above it holds a variety of bits and pieces.
I bought this for £5.00 and heaved it home in a bin bag.
I think it was worth it though.
I know this is my second post today but please indulge me
a while. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but
this blogging is seriously addictive.
Until next time, bye for now.