Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Summers Evening Walk

It was such a beautiful evening that we decided to go for a walk 'up the lane'. Just a short stroll from our house is the most delightful spot called Brick Kiln Plantation which is cared for by the Woodland Trust.

We are so fortunate to have this on the doorstep and it is one of our favourite walks. Dante loves it too, he is able to run free and sniff to his hearts content.
There is always something to look at, quite often another doggy friend out for an evening stroll.
And of course when he is really, really tired he can rest awhile on the lovely soft grass.
The area is a mixture of mature woodland, newly planted broadleaf trees and wild flowers and grassy walkways. It is really lovely in any weather and I always feel refreshed after a walk around here. I feel so fortunate that all of this beauty is just minutes away from our house. I thought I would take the camera with me this evening so that I could share this with you.
There are lots of Rowan trees which I really love and the berries this year are stunning.
I love the way the sunlight shines through the trees and creates lots of lovely shadows.
This is one of my favourite views as you walk through the more mature woodland. In springtime the whole area is covered with bluebells and the scent is just delicious. There are lots of logs left lying around to provide habitats for various creatures and we often see squirrels high up in the trees.
This photo is a view towards the woods and is taken from the top of the field. There is a bench where you can rest and enjoy the sight of the town just visible over the tops of the trees. Sometimes, after a day at work I get home really tired and my daughter will suggest a walk and I feel reluctant to move from my chair. But when I sit on the bench and look around me at the beauty I can't help but feel refreshed and oh, so fortunate. The English countryside is very, very special and although I was born and bred in a city I cannot contemplate a life without this. It feeds my soul, puts my problems into perspective and clears my mind. How lucky I am.