Saturday, 25 August 2007

'Old White' Dresser and Old Pink China

Remember this? I do and how I hated it! I did a post a while back about my plan to transform my orange pine beast into a ravishing painted beauty. Well, at last it's finished and I for one am hugely pleased.

This is the paint that enabled the transformation to take place. The Goddess of the paint world (or so I'm led to believe) and I chose 'Old White'.

This is the lovely old fan that kept me cool whilst I was losing my cool. I have to say that painting something outdoors has its drawbacks. The main one being that wet paint attracts dust, flies and any low flying debris like a magnet. Talk about frustrating! In the end I did a shabby chic look on some parts of the paintwork because of all the sanding down needed to remove the aforementioned objects glued to my surfaces. I have to confess that David did his fair share of painting too. Anyway, between us we got it finished and treated it to some lovely new knobs. Crystal glass no less, made in glorious Devon according to the gent who sold them to us. I think they look really nice.
This is the china that was destined to adorn my newly painted beauty. After all I had nowhere else to put it all.
And here are the photo's of the finished result. The glittery letter "S" was added as a final flourish, a sort of signature. I couldn't get a letter D to go with it but I shall keep on looking for one. This was a plain wooden blank bought from a craft shop. I added paint and the coarse glitter to pretty it up.
I went for a pink and green theme and I think it has really brightened up that alcove. The white spot in the background is a reflection from a crystal hanging from a candelabra in my window. It casts lots of lovely rainbows around the room.
Amazing what a lick of paint can do for a piece of furniture. I seem to remember once reading that traditionally, pine was never left unpainted and the craze for stripped pine started in the 1970's. I don't know whether that is true or not but all I know is that this looks like a different dresser.
The lamp is made from an antique French glass perfume bottle and I bought it a few years ago. I love the poppy lamp shade too.
I think I will go and pour myself a celebratory drink and sit down to admire my efforts.
Now then, what can I paint next. Watch out Dante, I'm armed and dangerous with a paint brush and you might just end up with an 'Old White' tail!!!!!
Hope you all have a lovely week-end whatever your plans. The weather here is glorious at the moment and it's meant to last all over the Bank Holiday too.