Saturday, 1 September 2007

Vintage Gladrags and Diamante Jewels

Today I took a trip down memory lane. I love vintage clothes and my favourite fabric is velvet. The cloak in this picture was a Christmas gift from my children many years ago. I had admired it in the local vintage clothes shop. Needless to say, when I unwrapped it on Christmas Day I shed a few tears. They bought it with their own money and I was so touched by their gesture.

This jacket is from the 1930's and the fabric is beautifully soft. It has a diamante clasp and there are weights in the hem. I wore this to a dinner dance long before vintage became trendy, safe in the knowledge that no-one else would be wearing the same thing.
The tiara was another of those things that I wanted. My husband bought this for me but I know that my daughter had some influence in the decision. I keep it in the pretty box that it came in and every so often take it out and admire it. The last time I wore it was New Years Eve.... sitting in front of the tv watching Jools Hollands Hootenanny!
And finally this very blingy number was an ebay bargain. Vintage Monet in the original box and costing all of £1.50! Ahh, I just love to bag a bargain, especially if it sparkles.
Bye for now, I'm off to play dressing up.