Friday, 28 September 2007

An Autumn Walk

Today, whilst I was slaving away at work my husband took himself and Dante for a nice, long walk. Armed with my camera so that he could take lots of photo's of our countryside to share with you.

One very happy dog posing for the camera or is he just pausing to catch his breath?
It all looks very bright despite the fact that it has been a dark and dreary day. Quite a cold wind and the odd shower of rain.

All the leaves are changing colour now. Lovely rich shades of red and brown.
A nice atmospheric woodland scene.
And who is this strolling into the picture?

This has to be my most favourite photo. Isn't this honeysuckle just gorgeous.

This carving is part of a seat where you can sit and admire the views all around. It is a girl with a foal draped around her shoulders.
I love walking around here no matter what the season or weather and so does Dante. It is a joy to see him bounding around, so completely happy and exploring every nook and cranny until he is tired out and absolutely filthy!
Bye for now.
Enjoy your week-end whatever you choose to do.
Sandi x