Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Wooden Spoons and an Apple Pie

I arrived home from work last night to be greeted by these. A clutch of lovely wooden spoons. Let me tell you we are not talking any old wooden spoons my dears, no siree, we are talking Qualideeee wooden spoons. French, no less.
See, told you so........
Now to me this can only mean one thing and one thing only. Yup, I mean serious cooking. Nay, not just cooking, we are talking the business here - real baking!!!!!
Now don't get me wrong. I love to cook, I really do. But sometimes a girl just wants to do a little light blog surfing, meander through homes of breathtaking loveliness, drool and admire all of that creativity going on in blogland. I had a suspicion there was to be none of that for me on my day off. Mutterings and heavy hints issued from the husbands direction. Talk of quiches and apple pies reached my only half listening ears as I was perusing yet another newly discovered blog. Huge sighs on my behalf as I agreed to go down to the kitchen and bake. How could I deny the man who had ordered French wooden spoons from some website he had discovered.
So, first things first, make myself a large pot of tea......
Ah that's better. Feel a bit more up to the task now.
Put some music on.........Love listening to this particular cd.
Get some company. He's my litle shadow and loves to be in on any action, especially if it involves food. A dog never knows when some tasty morsel may land in his paws if he plays his cards right. Don't get in the way, pose nicely for the camera and watch out for any possible falling edible debris. Anyway, I finally got the quiche and the apple pie made and guess what? I didn't use those new wooden spoons at all. Stuck to my tatty old things just because the new ones look so nice, seems a shame to use them really.
Here is the finished apple pie. I always cook mine on an old enamel plate. Love those plates, so useful for lots of things.
Slice of apple pie anyone? With a generous dollop of fresh cream of course.