Saturday, 15 September 2007

Getting to know you - my very own camera!

I am soooo excited! I have finally got my very own camera and of course that means I am taking pics of just about everything so that camera and I become better aquainted.
I have it set on simple mode at the moment and so far I am really pleased with the results. Decided for no particular reason to feature cherubs in this post - purely because I just love them. So, this little card was given to me by my daughter Zoe, cute isn't it.

Just to get used to taking some close-ups this is the top of my favourite mirror.
A couple of recent purchases. At the moment I am obsessed with boxes and containers. Pretty ones of course. I do have an ulterior motive though. I have an awful lot of craft supplies and it is getting to the point where it all needs organising. I think that if I am going to store my stuff it may as well be in something that looks attractive. Hence I couldn't pass up on this when I spotted it in a charity shop the other day. The cherub will be useful for storing something too - ha who am I fooling, I bought this just because I wanted it.
Another little cheruby close-up. This is one of those little wall shelves, not much room on top but it still looks nice above my dressing table. It was one of a pair which were for sale seperately but for some reason I preferred the face on this one and I didn't want two anyway. Ahhhh, now here are some little cherubs of my own. This is my husband and two little darlings. Don't they look sooo sweet. This was taken by moi during a very cold winter and I remember that it was so bitter that they couldn't stay outside for very long. I think it may have been early in 1986. I personally love snow and regret that these days we don't seem to have very much at all in this country. We did manage to take some nice photo's earlier this year when we had a very heavy snowfall and I think I will put them on a Christmas post, just to feel festive.
And this is one of my little cherubs all grown up. I think she is just beautiful, but I am biased of course. (Hope you don't mind me including this babes!) She does read my blog from time to time.
And finally, my grown up son who will be 23 next week. Where do the years go to?
So, that is all for this very self - indulgent post. I have had a play with my camera and am thrilled with it. I can now go out and about and snap lots more pics to share with you.
Until the next time. Bye for now.
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Sandi x