Monday, 24 September 2007

Faded Flowers and Butterflies

I took the opportunity of picking these whilst the weather was dry and windy. I love the faded colours which work so well with the vintage look. They will get some glamour treatment for Christmas with a dose of gold spray paint and glitter.

A nice close-up picture, the variation in colour is just lovely. These are all from the same bush too.
I bought this sweet butterfly from an antiques and collectors fair yesterday. It is a hatpin and the wings move. I thought it would look nice amongst the blooms.
This is a more permanent home for it, stuck in the cork of a miniature bottle. I didn't think that I had any more butterflies but once I started looking around me I found quite a few.
This is a dish by Portmeirion pottery which we bought from the actual place a few years ago. Portmeirion is the Italianate village in Gwynedd, Wales which was built by Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1975. It is absolutely stunning, well worth a visit. It is like something out of a fairy story and was where they filmed the cult 1960's TV series called The Prisoner.
A trinket box which I have had for years.
Both of these are from Portugal and were bought on different holidays by Zoe.
This one was a Christmas present from my sister several years ago.
Another Christmas present, from my son Dan this time. It says "Carry your dreams with you and the world will be a more beautiful place".
This rests on a cut glass salt pot.
This one was bought for me by my husband last year. It was from a craft fair in Shrewsbury. I love little surprise presents like this. They don't have to cost a fortune but they always seem more special when they are bought just because......
I know that had I continued to look around the house I would have found even more of these lovely creatures, alas none of them real. We get a lot of them visiting a buddleja near to the kitchen window. It isn't called the butterfly bush for nothing!
Until next time,
Bye for now.
Sandi x