Saturday, 8 September 2007

A Fairy Gift

O.K. I don't know how all of you lovely ladies manage to do sooo many posts on your blogs!!!! I really never seem to have enough time and I have to say that just lately my blogging has been rather desultory. So I have decided to metaphorically shake myself down and really put some effort into this. I am not a seasoned enough blogger to remember to take my camera with me on days out etc so have missed some lovely photo opportunities the last few weeks. I am, however, in the process of getting another camera, as at the moment I borrow my sons.

I am determined to carry on with this blog but my house is usually in a state of disarray to say the least and is not always very photogenic.
So, on to the purpose of my post. The fairies above are an example of my favourite creative activity and I would like to offer one of them as a gift. After all, I have managed 30 posts. So, if you would like one of my unique little lovelies, please leave me a comment. I am going to give you plenty of time so I am setting a deadline of the 20th September, purely because that is the date of my sons birthday. I will select a name at random and send you a fairy in your favourite colour, specially made for you.

I love reading blogs and try to leave comments on as many as possible, but it is a very time consuming, pleasurable activity so I appreciate it is the same for everyone else.
The upside of discovering the blogging world for me has been that I buy very few magazines now and watch very little television. So thank you to all of you who take the time to share your lives with us and long may you continue to do so. I now have to get back to the reality of my shambolic home and do a little housework. Take care everyone, have a great week-end whatever you are doing. I will be back soon.
Sandi xx