Friday, 21 September 2007

Birthday Celebration and Prize Draw

Excuse me folks but I feel a tad delicate today. This, of course is the reason. We celebrated my son's birthday last night with a lovely meal, cooked by my husband. Pan fried steak in red wine sauce - mmm lush. Washed down with a glass or three of wine, followed by this very chocolatey cake. I usually have a cast iron constitution but having worked all day too and eating quite late I feel a bit muzzy headed. Much quaffing of tea has taken place by yours truly today, just to settle my heaving digestive system.

Anyway, the birthday boy enjoyed it all hugely, judging by the size of his grin.
Twenty three candles all blown out in one fell swoop. Large slices taken with double cream poured over. Groan..... pardon me while I find the alka - seltzer.
Now on to the other purpose of this post. Fairy announcement about to be made on the winner of the fairy gift draw.
Put all the names into the hat.
Not hundreds, but I am a very infant blog and I was thrilled that any comments were left.
All neatly folded up......

And the winning name is Sophie Honeysuckle!!!!!!
A huge fairy thank you to all who take the time to visit my blog and leave kind comments. I really look forward to my blogging time, it's a nice little (almost) daily interlude for me and all your lovely blogs never fail to cheer me up.
I must try and do some housework now, my parents are coming on one of their very rare visits on Sunday and I haven't quite moved into panic mode yet over the state of the house. I know they aren't coming here to look at the dust (thank goodness, there is a lot to see) but I do believe it only good manners to make visitors feel welcome.
Oh well, off I jolly well must go, but I think I need another cup of tea before I start.
Bye for now,
Have a great week-end.
Sandi x