Monday, 17 September 2007

Welcome to my Shabby Chic World

Good evening all. Tonight I would like to welcome you to my home.

This is my cosy corner. I love a nice cup of tea.A nice 'new' vintage book. The cake on the cover is a work of art!
A shabby chic candlestick.
A few things in my china cabinet.
Pretty pink bits and pieces.
A fairy hovering over a glittery mirror.
Lovely green and blue birds - with glitter of course. I don't know who coined the phrase shabby chic and made it trendy but this has always been my style. It's never really been my way to do minimalism, I just wouldn't feel comfortable. To me, all of my accumulated things make my house homely, somewhere to feel relaxed. I don't mind if the cushions get squashed or people eat snacks whilst sitting on the sofa. Dante is very much part of the family too and makes himself comfortable just about anywhere.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.
Bye for now.
Sandi x