Saturday, 26 January 2008

Fairy Wings Restored

After one too many flights, the fairy wings were looking rather worse for wear. In fact, they were a sorry sight indeed, broken in two and feathers falling off. This state of affairs could not continue, so I gave them some tlc. I think they look ready for anything now.

Pink, gold, glitter and flowers, what more could a fairy desire?
Mmm, maybe a Fairy Prince to take her to a Grand Ball.
A dashing knight on a beautiful white stallion to carry her off to Fairyland.
Or maybe she could just stay at home and flit around the house scattering fairy dust and good wishes.
Now that's a wonderful idea!!!!!!
And when she's finished around this house she could send some good wishes to everyone who reads this.Consider them sent.
Have a great weekend,
Sandi x