Sunday, 6 September 2009


The cycle of the year brings us to Autumn and for me a beautiful time, one of reflection and looking forward to things still to come.

The wonderful, evocative words of John Keats ' To Autumn' is one of my favourites.
If you click on the photo's to enlarge you are able to read the lovely words.
This post is a self-indulgent one, a time for me to look back on the past few months. I am so grateful for many things in my life and it's good to have the memories recorded in photographs.
So many wonderful things have happened, like the arrival of the kittens in August which were a gift from my daughter Zoe. I have wanted some cats for a long time and she made my wish come true. Thank you so much sweetie.
I am so thankful for my home too, not perfect but the best kind. Where it doesn't matter about taking off shoes at the front door or crumbs landing on the floor.
It's the spirit of a home that really does matter, the people, pets, warmth, scents of good things cooking, flowers, plants, the garden in all it's colours.Pretty things around the place.
Of course there has to be fairies too.
Home baked pies - this one is apple and blackberry.
Ah yes, here they are, Flossie the calico and Clarence the marmalade.
My grandaughter Jessica brought them a blanket to wrap them up warm.
Awwww how cute is this...
Simple things captured.
Rose hips in the garden.
Seed heads and lovely shadows.
Jessica with Flossie.
Poppies planted earlier in the year by my husband.
Globe flowers.
More kitty moments :0)
Precious moments.
Innocence captured.
Things created.
Lots of fairy cakes baked and enjoyed.
My son's wedding in April.A special time, a special person sister Mandy.xx
All my family and new family members.
Garden visitors.
My beautiful boy Dante, whose unfailing loyalty, good nature and beauty never fails to bring me pleasure. I am so grateful that he has accepted the kittens into his life without a murmer of complaint.
Beauty in my parents garden too.
Silly, fun moments - this is my dad.
My niece Amy on her 17th birthday posing with my daughter Zoe.
The birthday cake.
A colourful party guest, flower girl Bethan.
Another party guest - Diane smiling for the camera:)
The birthday girl's sister, my niece Heather, aka The Drama Queen ;)
My nephew Tom on air guitar.
My mum, myself and son Dan.
Amy in the enchanted garden when she came on a surprise flying visit earlier in the summer.
My grandaughter Jessica with her little dog Thomas.
And last but by no means least the latest addition to my son's family who also arrived during the summer - this is Stewart the border collie.
That just about completes my walk down memory lane, so much has happened, so many changes, new family, new pets, good times and not so good.
I wouldn't change my life for the world and love the way it is and the people with whom I share it.
I look forward now to the last months of a year which has flown by so quickly.
Until next time,
Sandi x