Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fur Family

My fur babies all get along so well together.  The kittens make me laugh out loud with their antics.  Their clear enjoyment of life and everything new is a pleasure to watch.  They are becoming more and more adventurous, scaling ever higher obstacles with enviable ease.
I really enjoyed the programme 'Catwoman' presented by Joanna Lumley the last couple of Sunday evenings.  It is fascinating how cats really do divide people into love/loathe camps. I personally admire their sheer independence, take me or leave me attitude and general air of indifference to us (until food time of course).
Dante has been wonderful with them, taking all their mischief in his stride.  Flossie really adores him and often chooses to curl up against him to snooze.  Clarence, the marmalade is daddies boy and loves to cuddle up next to my husband.  I love my pets, they make our home complete and add so much to all our lives.
They help us to calm down and relax. Plonk themselves on our lap when the mood takes them, thus pinning us down so that we feel guilty if we dare to disturb them.  A perfect excuse to stop a while and just enjoy the pleasure of ruffling their soft fur.
So good for us in every way.
I wouldn't be without them.