Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The weather here today has been beautiful; warm and sunny - perfect really.

We have a lot of butterflies visiting the Buddleia which is close to the kitchen window.
It is a pleasure to watch them flitting about.
I am so pleased I was able to capture these photo's.
Lots of photo's:)
The Red Admiral.
Such lovely colours - so reminiscent of Autumn.
I wonder how much longer we shall see them around.
I am proud that our garden is full of shrubs and trees to attract so much wildlife.
We tend to leave things alone as much as possible without the garden turning into a wilderness.
The odd self seeded wildflower is just as welcome as the flowers we have planted.
The final flourish of roses is an added bonus too.
I love the delicate shade of this one.
The dancing lady Fuchsias never fail to dazzle either.
The Willow Herb when studied closely is also really pretty even if it is a common wild flower.
Hydrangeas turn to such vintagey looking colours - all soft and faded.
I think I shall bring these indoors whilst they are so nice and dry.
More dancing ladies ready to open out their pretty dresses.
They are gorgeous and so prolific.
Cotoneaster in the hedge full of dazzling scarlet berries.****
Marjoram with a visitor.
More Willow Herb.
Oh I love the colour so much.
Even though the main growing season is now over there is still so much to see and enjoy. All the more precious too as there's not quite so many things vying for attention.
It's a good time to stop and actually study the detail in a bloom rather than merely glancing.
I do love this time of year.
Until next time.
Sandi x