Saturday, 15 December 2007

Winter Ills

All of my family are ill. First my son, then husband and daughter. I got my virus over and done with last week, but sadly it's their turn this last few days. Boo hoo. We were planning to get all the decorations down from the loft this weekend but the best laid plans..........We have bought a real tree this year and I have to say it is the smallest tree we have had for almost 30 years. Earlier in the summer we had a new sofa and chairs, two chairs replacing the previous one. As a result, the corner that was ideal for the floor to ceiling Christmas tree we usually have is now taken up with the extra chair. So we have had to buy a tiny tree that will stand on a coffee table.

This sweet little gold tinsel tree was a bargain from a charity shop this week. It is vintage and cost the grand sum of £1.00. My husband bought the tiny battery operated fairy lights to add the finishing touch.
This pretty jar is also a recent purchase from my favourite antiques centre in Church Stretton. I made the decoration from some old buttons.
When the house is full of invalids who don't really want food it is difficult to know what to cook. My husband asked for fish cakes, but not the frozen, ready made ones. Oh nooo, I'm talking home made with fresh fish, mixed with creamy mashed potato. Lightly seasoned with mace and parsley. Dipped in beaten egg and coated with bread crumbs. These are a real favourite and the least I could do in the face of all the illness surrounding me. Poor loves, I hope they all feel better soon.
Hope you are all managing to keep well at this very busy and often stressful time of the year.
Take care.
Sandi x