Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Evening walk

From yesterday evening.  Come take a stroll with us...........

We went down through the fields to the river, in this case the river being the mighty Severn.  The local golf course runs parallel to the river and the very edge of the course is a public footpath. If you can visualise the river to the right of us and the course to the left.  Two very contrasting landscapes, one entirely natural and the other man-made but nevertheless absolutely charming in a fairy garden kind of way.  The golfers have to be patient whilst people like us stroll along the footpath, admiring in the view, taking lots of pretty photo's, but it seems to work.  Once we have ngotiated stiles, mini bridges and stray golf balls we come to the field of crops, turn left away from the river and towards the lane which runs parallel to the other side of the golf course.  Here is different scenery again, some picturesque houses, the golf course actually crossing over the lane at certain points, past the club house and on towards the main road. We cross over that road  back into the field, through the dingle where there is another mini bridge over the brook and the scent of wild garlic is overwhelming.  Back up the steps carved out of the land and on upbank towards home.  It took two and a half hours and my daughter set quite a pace as she is training for a local walk which raises lots of money for charity. I snapped and clicked as fast as I could then had to walk extra fast to keep up with her although often she did pause to allow me to catch up.  Mr Dante loved it all, taking lots of cooling dips in the river, coming out and immediately taking great delight in shaking himself all over us.  All in all a special kind of day although we did nothing awe inspiring it was still perfect.  I hope you have enjoyed your stroll with us as I love sharing my photos.  They are a visual diary for me and if anyone gets a little enjoyment from them too I am happy.  Until next time, bye for now, Sandi x