Saturday, 22 May 2010

It's a scorcher ~

Ah yes - today has been a scorcher so I only did a little gentle pottering.  I was bedazzled by the sunshine beaming down on my bedroom window but it does show up the dust so I took the opportunity to gently swish the old lampshade in some suds and hang it out to gently drip dry.  I did some glittering, my clothes pegs are much prettier now, baked a cake and chased a reflected orb around the kitchen wall. I do have some lovely paper for that wall, it has a pattern of chickens all over it and some day it may get pasted up....maybe.  The cats have periodically checked into base just to make sure we haven't left home and then wandered off again back into the garden, presumably to snooze under the trees. They both appeared as if by magic when it was time for their dinner.  I feel in need of a cup of tea now, nothing but nothing quenches my thirst like a good cup of tea so I will say bye for now.