Saturday, 15 May 2010


He's a Border Collie from working stock and he's one year old.  He has boundless energy, can run like the wind and barely stops for more than a moment. He lives with my son and daughter-in-law and came on a visit today and ran Dante ragged, but oh the sheer joy of watching him. He enjoys just being alive, running around the garden with his ears flying backwards and his paws hardly touching the ground. Eventually he stayed still just long enough for me to get some pics of him before he was off again.  Oh how I envied his youthful energy.  Even Dante had to admit defeat and retreated back indoors.  Unfortunately, although there is a cat at home he was totally fascinated by our Clarence (Flossie stayed out of the way).
Needless to say, much hissing and spitting ensued, fur stood on end and claws came out because Clarence didn't like Stuart.  Clarence felt affronted by this young interloper who got a little too close to him and I was afraid that Stuart might just return home minus an eye or at the very least with a scratch on his lovely black nose.  I took him back home (luckily my son lives close by) and my fur family breathed a huge, collective sigh of relief.  Stuey is a gorgeous dog and no doubt eventually my fur babies will get a little more tolerant of him.  At least I hope so.