Thursday, 27 May 2010

Little box of delights

I love pretty packaging and boxes are often kept long after the contents have been enjoyed.  One of my favourite things to do is to put a few little goodies in  a box and then promptly forget about them.  When I rediscover the box I am delighted all over again at the things I have stashed away.  The Indian baubles and Chinese streamer in the window of my craft room weren't in a box but I still forgot I had them until today.  It felt like Christmas all over again as I remembered  the day in December a couple of years ago when my husband bought them for me after I had admired them on a day out.
The aqua box originally contained a gift from my sister and was far too pretty to throw away.  It was stored on the top of a wardrobe and I took it down earlier to see what I had put much fun. We all need to treat ourselves now and then and I don't mean anything expensive but things that will cheer us up, make us feel special even if they were bought by ourselves.  The wand was a gift from my daughter, the sparkling powder from a friend and the fairy cake goat milk soap from a Christmas craft fair and I think it is far too lovely to use. Ooo, now I feel like it must be my birthday too:)
Until next time, bye for now x