Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Once Upon A Time......

........There lived a Prince who had been turned into a frog by a wicked witch. We all know the fairytale of course, so I won't go on. On top of our computer monitor are some silk water lilies and a frog who croaks when he is turned upside down. Don't ask me why, but these things have sort of settled there over time and I'm used to them being there. I quite like the green fella's company. So tonight, as there is football on the telly and Him Indoors is bursting more than one blood vessel watching it, I decided it was time to play.
So play I did. The Prince found his fairy Princess and of course they both lived happily ever after. But not before old frog face had received a few snubs along the way. Here are some fairies who were not impressed by his green, swarthy charms.

"No thank you very much Mr Frog, I'm already dating a cute elf from the Wild Wood. "
"I don't think so deary, don't you recognise the Queen of Roses when you see her? "
"So sorry, dear froggy, but you're just not my type."
"Do you really think a fairy with purple hair and ivy leaf wings would be interested in a frog like you!"
Ah...I'm so glad he found his true love.
Trust I haven't worried you dear visitors, I've not been at the G & T, honestly.
Take care.
Sandi x