Sunday, 25 November 2007

Tickled Pink

Good Evening All. Let me start by saying that I am totally pooped. Today I have been compelled to undertake some heavy duty cleaning. All because of a new acquisition. Just a small item in the grand scheme of things, but it has caused me an awful lot of work.

I saw this little pink trifle last Thursday afternoon, soon after the antiques dealer had taken delivery of it. When I spotted it during a break from work, said dealer hadn't even priced it up. Her husband had just unloaded it, together with a matching chair and blanket chest. I wasn't interested in the other things, I don't have the room anyway, but I really wanted this bedside table.
On Friday my dearest heart was going into town and asked if I wanted anything bringing back. Didn't I just. He left with instructions to spot the item as I did my best to describe it, (there was something else similar and I didn't want him to look at the wrong thing) find out the cost and ring me with the information. It was affordable, thankfully, so said item was dutifully brought into the happy homestead. I just love the colour and it is in immaculate condition.
The less pleasurable task was to empty my old, blue bedside cabinet, move the gazillion books and magazines that surround my side of the bed, dust everything off, vacuum and rearrange it all. Plus take some photo's to share of course!
I love the gold detail, all original.
This hydrangia is one that I picked earlier in the year and dried. I have sprayed it with glitter and I think it looks quite pretty now. Thought it added a nice faded, pink touch to the arrangement.
I was interrupted in my task numerous times by a certain Mr Dante who always wants to be in on any action. Totally oblivious to the fact that he gets right under my feet, plonks himself down in the exact spot where I am trying to work ..............
........ and makes himself comfortable. Sigh. Oh to be a pampered pooch. Love him to bits though and wouldn't want him any other way.
When I had finished artfully arranging things I added a festive flourish to the bedroom curtains.
I think this little touch looks quite glam. The diamante brooch reminds me of a snowflake.
Ah well, time for a nice long bath now and check out if there is anything worth watching on the telly.
Bye for now,
Sandi x