Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Witch's Kitchen

I was pottering around in the kitchen daydreaming whilst washing down surfaces and arranging some late blooms from the garden.

I got to wondering what a witch would wear over her black clothes when she was going about her daily duties. Ok, just stay with me on this one - I have a vivid imagination!!!!
I decided that it would need to be a glamorous apron.
Something like this..........
For now one of my kitchen chairs is modelling it.
Bring on Halloween!!!!!!
Bye for now,
From the witch's kitchen.
P.S. from my previous post - there are cobwebs on the light shade but no eye of newt and bats blood bubbling away on the stove. Just crystallized rose petals and edible glitter standing on the worktop ready for a cake making session. I also released that lovely butterfly back to the freedom of the Buddleia.