Monday, 15 September 2008

Butterfly Reward

Outside our kitchen window is a magnificent Butterfly Bush.
Throughout the summer we have seen hundreds of winged visitors alighting onto the flowers and sipping the nectar but have been unable to capture any on camera.
But tonight I was rewarded with something very special. Oh what a privilege to have this beautiful creature fly in through the open window. This is my arm that it has settled daintily on. Where are the rest of the family when you need them to take a few pics? Nowhere around of course, so I took these myself.

Here it is settled on the rather gothicky looking light shade - please forgive the cobwebs. I will get around to taking it down and cleaning it now that I have seen the appalling state it is in.
But I am so thrilled to have finally captured shots of these fairies of nature and I wanted to share them.
Bye for now,
Sandi x