Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Moving back to 'The Nostalgia Fairy' Blog

Several months ago, I started this blog. I had been blogging as The Nostalgia Fairy for quite a while and felt jaded, with nothing new to add. So I began Old Silk and Roses as a completely seperate blog relating to mainly crafts and planned to keep Nostalgia for my own reference. I hadn't got the heart to delete it. A lot of me has gone into it. After a breather from Nostalgia though I decided to carry on with the odd post now and again. However it has reached the point now where I am posting to both blogs simultaneously. I have therefore decided to go back to The Nostalgia Fairy on a permanent basis.

So I am calling this my last post on here (at least for a while),although I may change my mind again at some stage 'cos that's the way I am.
Here are a few pics of my very tiny craft room which is gradually filling up with more and more of my stuff.
As it was raining yesterday, to put it mildly, I went on one of my trips into the loft. Rootled around in bags and boxes and found a few things that I had completely forgotten about.
So of course, I felt obliged to bring some of it downstairs and replaced the empty space made in the loft with some things I had packed away. In this way I don't get too fed up with my stuff.
These tiny brass goblets are destined for one of my dollshouses.
The very shabby lampshade is going onto a turquoise base to use in my craft room.
I now have a very well organised set of shelves to hold some of my books...
...and other things.
So now I can create to my hearts content and not have to worry about clearing everything away at the end of the day. So for now I will say a fond farewell from Old Silk and Roses but please,please come and visit me at The Nostalgia Fairy.
Bye for now,
Sandi x