Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mostly Vintage

Some of the things that please fairy shoes - a gift from my daughter.

Flowers and chippy paint.
Silk flower wreath hanging on my wardrobe door. This was the head-dress worn by my daughter when she was bridesmaid to my sister.
My bag made from mostly vintage bits and pieces.
I collect old necklaces - this is one of my favourites.
Old pine table which I got from an auction for £2.00 and painted myself. I stamped on the pattern using a heart shaped cookie cutter and stencilled the dots through a doiley.
Roses from a friend and a lovely gilt mirror. This was from the auction and was a gift from my husband. Heavy bidding was needed to secure this but it was still a lot less money than if it had been bought from an antique shop.
Tiny stool which used to be plain brown until I spruced it up. The angel wings were white and really battered so I did some refurbishment on them too.
Lots and lots of books. I really love interiors books - a trawl through the shelves in charity shops is always worthwhile although most of the books in this photo I bought from Amazon.
A necklace I made from mother of pearl buttons and some silk flowers. The linen shirt was from TK Maxx.
A collage I created from a vintage piece of embroidered silk.
I also love bead curtains.
These are the things that I choose to surround myself with. None of them cost very much but all of them are treasured. I try and repurpose things as much as possible, have bought clothes and other stuff from charity shops for years now and love to bag a bargain from the local auctions.
I think that now, more than ever it is important to try and consume less and perhaps rediscover the pleasure of making something from unwanted stuff. I think we are all capable of creativity and for me it is a vital part of my life.
I'm off now to make a chicken curry for our meal tonight.
I hope you enjoy your day,
Take care,
Sandi x