Sunday, 28 September 2008

It's Sunday ~

Sunday afternoon, the weather is grey and dreary. There's only one thing to do- play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ball is glass - very heavy and bought as a Christmas decoration years ago. I leave it out all year round though. I threw it onto the bed and Dante had to investigate. He was disappointed that it isn't soft and squishy - no chance of sinking his sizeable fangs into this.

The necklaces are usually hidden away in a drawer so I thought I would get a few out and display them for a change. I love the blingy clasps.
Ah well, there's a roast in the oven and I think I will make a steamed syrup sponge - we all need something to cheer us up and my family lurve their puddings.
Until next time,
Bye for now,
Sandi x